How Hashtags Work

ImagePeople are using hashtags all over Facebook and Twitter. But the important question to ask is: How do they work? Hashtags are great for giving your company more exposure, and there’s more than a few ways to get the word out about your #sale or #promotion.

First of all, a hashtag, is created by placing a pound sign (#) in front of a word, or with a combination of words of your choosing. It can be used to express a certain emotion, to connect groups of people or to tag certain people or places.

Hashtags connect communities. That’s why Facebook jumped in with Twitter to add them to their social media site. It makes you and your company searchable, allowing you to more effectively reach the people who need your products or services.

For example, if you’re having a #sale on #shoes, or a #ShoeSale, people can simply search for those words on Twitter and Facebook and claim your discounts, deals or offers. Call MyCityPrize and ask us about all the latest trends in social media. We are proud to be your local digital strategists!


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