7 Social Media Tricks You MUST Have Up Your Sleeve

trick_700Social media’s been exploding like cars in action movies for the past few years now, and with each passing day they’re growing more and more critical for your business.  Facebook, for example, has 1.28 billion monthly active users alone, and Twitter has 271 million.  That’s one and a half billion people networking, liking, sharing, and engaging world wide, and that’s before you even start counting the people on Google+, Pinterest, Instigram and blogs.

It’s said that the world’s gotten smaller, but if that’s true, I think it’s become much more dense as well, so standing out has become that much more important.

We live in an age of visuals, so first off: post them when you can.  Engagement flies up when you include an album, image or video in your posts by 180%, 120% and 100% in that order.

Second, you can make your replies public by placing a . directly before the @ on twitter.  Even if people don’t always ask the same question, a lot of them still think it.

Third is your timing.  When do you think the most people are online?  5, 6 o’clock after they get home from work?  I was actually wrong about this one myself, but it’s actually between 1 and 3 PM when they’re on their lunch break.  If you’ve got something you want them to see, try to get it out while they’re waiting on their Big Mac!  Even more importantly than that though, is knowing your audience and if they have any particular habits.

Even if you’re edging towards a crunch time though, you can’t be lazy, sprinting into our #4 spot.  If you think it’s important, make it so!  Give credit, be dramatic, active bold and brief, even if it takes time to figure out.

Fifth, always embed it.  It gives your blogs and websites a brighter glow and things that are right there are much more convenient than chasing a link.

Sixth, post a little a lot.  If it’s possible, try keeping it between 40 and 80 characters for the maximum engagement, along with posting to Facebook 5-10 times a week as opposed to Twitter’s 5 or 6 times daily.

Finally, be everything to everyone.  Do stay on topic, but don’t be afraid, and it’s actually encouraged to let a little bit of yourself slip out in your posts, 20% personal is actually a great formula.  Follow people in your niche and they’ll follow you back, be funny, show empathy and tell secrets.  Give to your audience, conversations, content and competitions and share what’s relevant to you and your business.  If you’ve got a buddy in another business, a little brand to brand never hurt anyone, actually helping them both!

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