10 Customer Service Tips for Social Media


Time for another Top Ten!

The world’s changed so much in the past few years, time and speed are becoming increasingly critical for every part our daily lives and more often than not, the things we want we expect instantly.  Just as an example, how long did it take for your computer to turn on ten years ago?  Help me out here, what was it, like ten minutes?  Maybe if you felt like playing a game online it’d take an hour to load?  That was normal back then, that was just the way it was and we were fine with it.

Can you imagine if that was the way it was now though?  There would be so much more swearing!  Computer classes in school would sound like Hell’s Kitchen before the Bleep-Guy came to the rescue!

But again, everything is frighteningly fast now.  Everything you need is in your pocket, it’s all in your phone, and that little rocket-ship can send a signal to space and back in the time it takes to blink to load up your Facebook page, sometimes to say some not so nice things about whatever disappointed you.

And that’s why social media for businesses isn’t just about marketing anymore.  Customer service is huge for it as well.

The #1 thing you need to do is encourage, and respond to feedback.  Whether what you’re replying to is good or bad, it shows that you care and your audience takes notice.

#2: if you’re not a robot, don’t be one.  If someone’s coming to you with an issue, in addition to being quick, effective and public, they want it to be personal too.  That sort of thing makes it come off like they don’t matter to you and they and they’re problem are just being dismissed.

C (because I’m totally human) : When your customers are engaging with you, take note.  It’s obscenely easy research you don’t even have to google.  They’re your direct audience, so improve what they like, change what they don’t, and pay attention to what they recommend.  It’ll make them happy and keep them coming back!

#4: Share your customer’s stories.  People tend to trust other people, so if you have someone vouching for you it could increase other’s faith in you as well!

#5: Train your team.  Even if you know all this, you need to make sure whoever’s doing your social media can answer questions and respond to any issues, or at least has contact with someone who can.  “Sorry bro, that sucks.  Good luck though!!!”  isn’t exactly the most encouraging thing to see when your device is smoking more than a Film Noir.

#6: Use Add-on Applications.  Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of information out there and it’d be a shame to miss it.  You might want to consider some 3rd party app help just to keep everything organized.  It never hurts to have more eyes and ears!

#7: Turn Bad Experiences into Good Ones.  As awesome as you are, negative experiences are just easier to remember.  It’s hard to keep everyone happy and even if your product stops that feeling for a moment, you can try to bring it back with reassurance, consideration, politeness and maybe even a little humor! With a little luck, maybe they’ll remember that instead!

#8: Keep it Phone Friendly.  As I mentioned in the beginning, people essentially have their phones on them at all times and hold onto them like their life force.  If something up, that thing gets whipped out, so if you send them a link that doesn’t work on their device it’s not going to sit too well with them.    In other words, make sure your website is mobile compatible!

#9: Reply Promptly.  You know those western showdowns where Clint Eastwood is just being awesome with a quick-draw?  That applies here too.  If someone has a problem, they really don’t want to have to wait until 9 in the morning for it to get solved.  You’ve always got to keep your social media on the radar otherwise it’ll leave a bitter taste in their mouths.

#10: Sometimes you have to apologize.  People make mistakes, it’s okay, and if you accept them you and your customers will move on.  Be kind and sincere, but if you aren’t keep in mind, one of the biggest things that make social media what it is, is that things have the potential to go viral without warning.  The last thing you want is to be on the wrong side of a bandwagon.

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