5045734276_2ae96095cb_oBy now it’s probably safe to assume you know the importance of having a website as well as social media.  But are yours working together?  Although Facebook, Twitter and your site are all very much different things, they’re still all characters in the same show of your marketing.  The broadcast networks are all starting up new seasons of our favorite shows, so to put it in perspective, if you’re clashing the two, it’d be like a crossover episode of CSI and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Even if that sounds good in theory, just take a moment to really look at it.  There’s just no way that that’ll end well.  And that’s a real shame, because now I kinda want to see that!

The point it, your plan has to be integrated and cohesive between your networks, working in sync to reach your goals.

When you’re using Social Media, make sure that you’re being a resource, solving problems, sharing more content that just your own, and that you’re actually being social!  And having fun.  Fun is awesome, I highly recommend it.

Beyond that however, social media is always a work in progress.  There’s never anything that’s instantly done, it’s a two way street, but again, you need the content.  What you have to say won’t spread if it’s not worth sharing.  Similarly, you need to keep in mind why people are even on the internet.  They either want to be entertained, or they need a problem solved.  What you’re saying needs to at least fit into one of those if it’ll succeed.

And this leads us directly into the Sales Funnel.  If you’re being engaging and attracting, you’re going to draw more and more interest to you.  Let’s say you want to brew some tea for some reason; maybe the coffee pot’s busted or something.  Anyway, your followers interest in you would be like the heat reaching your pot.  If you want it to boil, you’ll need to create strong flame, so you could have to make some necessary adjustments.  This does not have to be specific to your product however, if you’re helping and serving your audience, they’ll take notice.

In the middle of your funnel, you have your email list.  Here’s the thing though, if you’re like me, then a lot of the time you don’t put much thought into what you punch your email into.  And by that, I mean it tends to be a pretty sharp, sudden turn off, so there’d need to be some sort of incentive.  Even things like access to an eBook, video, podcast or some other type of resource related to what you do would be fine.  You just need to get their email once and then it’s in your database, part of your ever-growing list, which you can use to nurture your campaigns.  Going back to what I said a moment ago, if you’re like me, you typically like what you’re subscribed to.  It’s just a matter of getting your visitors past that initial suspicion.

At the end you have your closure content, your specific offers and sales opportunities.  So in other words, what you secretly come here to do all along.  Mwahahaha!  Ahem.  As a plot twist though, this really shouldn’t be over 20% of your content plan mix.  If you overdo it, it’d be like that person who asks you a question for the sole purpose of you asking it back, or just outright knocking on their door everyday like a girl scout, but without the cookies.

Which is heartbreaking, because those Thin Mints make the world go round!

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