The Four Ms of Social Media Marketing


I grew up in one of Detroit’s suburbs, so my four ‘M’s are M&M and Eminem, but there’s another set that Social Media Marketing Masters must know!   …Not those though, but rather some that are much more main-mission orie-

Screw it, I give up.

#1 Monitor

It’s been a while since MySpace laughed in the face of personal diaries and made the internet explode.  Day by day more and more people are logging on to see changes, what’s been going on with their friends and say what’s new with them and their cat.  It’s getting crowded and busy, and it’s extremely difficult to manually keep track of all your social media, if it’s even possible.  That being said, there are platforms out there that can track and analyze social media chatter, it can see what’s happening in the moment and you can create a more effective strategy.

Another thing is don’t just watch after you make your launch.  Before you even stop into the game see what your competitors strengths and weaknesses on social media.  Look for marketing opportunities and see what gets reactions from your audience.  Watch your campaigns and optimize your performance.

#2 Manage

Once your campaign is out there, management can either make or break it.  Pressure!  No but seriously, keep refining your campaign by tracking how it’s doing and reacting to what works and doesn’t.  Listen to what users are saying about your campaign and brand, and there’s nothing wrong with a scheduled post!

#3 Measure

Remember when it was basically just Facebook or MySpace?  Feels like a distant memory now, huh?  Now we’ve got Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterst, Instigram, Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace and still more!  That’s why this one is so tricky!  This one is so critical because the effectiveness of your social media still has to be showed to the chief marketing officers, company executives and board members.

This involves keeping track of results on earned, owned and paid media.  You can gage engagement across your platforms and how traffic is driven to your website.  Additionally, you can analyze how paid advertising on Twitter and Facebook encourages participation on your campaigns and site.

#4 Monetize 

Let’s face it, sales are really what keeps us all in business, so when marketers can see the line that crosses the social media  campaign and leads into the sales all the guesswork is gone.  The investment is impossible to argue with.

And with the speed of technology, we’re getting close to being there.

Transactions can be made with a hashtag and Facebook is launching a buy button that lets users make purchases without leaving its platform.

The game’s changing, and the only thing that isn’t is that it won’t!

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