10 Tips for Using Social Media in Holiday Ecommerce Marketing


Alright, let’s be honest here.  Today it’s Halloween, but we all know we’ll be hearing Jingle Bells on the radio tomorrow.  That’s actually pretty inexcusable in my book, but I can at least understand why Target is busting out the red and green.  If things are going to go smoothly they need to be planned out well in advice.  People are already putting their Christmas lists together and they’ve got their eyes out for the sales they’re banking on.

Once Black Friday hits there’s less than four weeks until Christmas, bringing along with it the massive boom of shopping we all know and love!  Until it we have to park.  But by park, I mean drive around the lot in circles like a shark until a spot opens up.  And that specifically is why you need to make sure your Ecommerce and Social Media are prepared.  Luckily, we’ve got ten tips to get you started!

To open, use Social Media as a Layer, not just a Channel.  It’s always expanding, always evolving and has the ability to link all aspects of your business.  Encourage people to pin your products and create content on your website that’s worth sharing, and ask them to share your message when your using email marketing.  This might be a bit of a given, but make sure you’re liking back to your ecommerce site from your social media.

Next off, get into the spirt!  Decorate your Social Media Graphics to line up with the Holiday themes!  Almost all social networks let you use profile images and graphics, so make use of them and get your followers in the mood as well!  Even if you don’t have design programs, there are many sites out there offering ready-made images, and then you can take it into something like PowerPoint to add in your text.

Third is give your content visual appeal.  It’s said a picture’s worth a thousand words.  How many of those can you get out in a single tweet though?  As a rule of thumb, you should be including graphics with the vast majority of your social posts.

Are you familiar with Pinterest?  Well it’s especially popular during the holiday seasons!  People use it all the time to look for inspiration for everything to costumes to decorations to even gifts!  If you don’t have it, you may want a holiday-themed board as well as Pin It buttons on your website.

People love games!  Contests are a great way to stir up your followers, especially in shopping season!

Next, send personal holiday greetings to your loyal customers.  You could make a Vine or Instargam video and post it to your timeline, send out direct messages to customers who follow you or even send them an e-card!  The unexpected message could lead to increased sales!

Make sure you’re posting relevant, interesting content.  Even it if is your blog, your page, your feed, it’s not just about you!  If it’s important to your customers it should be considered!

Support organic efforts with advertising.  Social media ad campaigns are a good way to reach new customers, but also are very cost effective!

Use your customer’s social influence.  People are more likely to buy things that people they know are vouching for.  Because of the sharing abilities that truly make social media what it is, it makes them the perfect catalysts to do it.

Lastly, support a good cause.  People become much more charitable during the holidays, and if you yourself are aiding a charity it will build goodwill between you and your customers.

After all, the holidays a really about coming together, aren’t they?

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