How to Improve Social Media Marketing in 2015


There’s a new year on the horizon, a new beginning dawning on the dusk of 2014 and when we trade out the starry night sky for midnight fireworks it’ll mark a night of new beginnings.

Now I know I’ve said this time and time again, but if your business still isn’t on Social Media, it’s still not too late and it’s very important for a multitude of reasons.  Now is simply the perfect time to join, it is a time of change and goals, after all.

Having a strong campaign across social media will raise people’s awareness of your brand, as well as give it even more exposure to your clients, customers collaborators and connections.  From there, it builds a loyal group of people who trust in you and your message, leading to new opportunities and leads, as well as giving you a better insight to your target audience.

To get to that point however, there are certain things you need to be doing.  First and foremost, be social.  This is sort of a given at this point, but be sure to ask and answer questions, provide resources and helpful hints and give them a chance to connect with you.

Additionally, you need to keep showing up and be present for the conversations that are occurring as they happen in real time, or if that’s not possible, at least maintaining a steady stream of consistent presence.  So you don’t go crazy checking constantly, there are quite a few applications to help you monitor you feeds, which can be found here.

Something else you should find out is simply where your target audience actually is.  Not everyone is on all networks, so you may want to research to know where your target dominates, and then place some key focus there.

Next off is don’t force it.  Just because something is trending doesn’t mean you should make your next post, tweet, comment or whatever about it.  Especially if you haven’t looked into what it actually means.  DiGiorno’s Pizza for example, landed in major trouble after a mistake such as this.  Pizza’s good, I like pizza and if a day with my friends is wrapping up, the idea of picking some up would be a sure fire way to make everyone stick around for a little while longer.  They had the same frame of mind and they used a trending hashtag in their lighthearted post.  Lots of people saw it.  #WhyIStayed is about domestic violence and people sharing their own, very personal experiences on it by the way.  You can imaging the resulting backlash.

Lastly, make a plan.  Like most things in life, organization breeds success.  Decide where you’ll be, how often you’ll be where as well as laying out a variety of content.  Make tweaks and changes as necessary, but most importantly, give it shot!  We’ll drink to it on New Years!

Well.  I can’t yet.  But still!

For a more in-depth reading, click here to view Tech Cocktail’s article on the mater.


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