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As I’m sure everyone knows, all the social medias are a bit different from each other, some more so than others but they all carry their own distinct flavor.  For Twitter, in addition to the @ & #, I think we’d have to say it’s the character limit.  Let’s be real real quick, 140 characters isn’t a lot.  Well, maybe in a movie, I mean I can’t even remember the names of all the Dwarfs in the Hobbit, but I mean individual letters.  It can be difficult to convey a clear and precise message with just a sentence to two, but that’s really not all that Twitter’s about, and its benefits far outweigh learning curve it comes with.

For one thing, you don’t need permission to enter into someone else’s conversation on Twitter, you can always just jump right in, but make sure you use a hashtag somewhere in your area of expertise so you can keep track of it, and on the topic of hashtags, go ahead and put some in your profile, not just tweets.  Just make sure you’re keeping them relevant and it’ll help you get you and your tweets some reach.

And as far as that reach is concerned however, don’t make a big deal out of little things.  Tweets only have a shelf life for 30 minutes max, so it doesn’t matter if it’s perfect.  What matters is that it’s out there, but on a similar note, because they expire so fast, don’t pump them out at night.  If your target audience is asleep, they won’t be much use to you.  You best bet would be to catch them when they’re most active, such as their lunch break or when they get off work or school.

While it shouldn’t be the primary thing you’re tweeting about, it’s alright to sell things on Twitter, so things like limited time offers work out greatly there!

Lastly, make sure you fill out your Twitter bios, they’re read surprisingly often so be sure to add in lots of  keywords for your SEO and link back to your other pages to you can build up those email lists!  Be sure to have a fun handle too!  People like knowing they’re talking to a person!

Time to spread those wings and fly everyone!

For more in-depth information, click here to see an audio book on the subject.


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