Social Partners


At the moment there’s a guy on YouTube with 33,946,673 subscribers with 2,206 videos, the latest of which from 22 hours ago already has over 1,900,000 views.  Most of me finds this terrifying.

PewDiePie is just one of several YouTube personalities who’s achieved massive amounts of success, and this isn’t just through dumb luck.  Several of these people partner with one another, which in turn introduces one groups fans to something they may have never heard of before, and usually these team ups work great.  As an example of that, I remember last summer when a couple of my friends where crushing on Lindsey Sterling, a well known violinist on YouTube, and while they were showing me some of her music videos we stumbled upon her collaboration with Pentatonix, an acapella group, covering Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive.

Here’s the thing though.  This isn’t a YouTube only strategy, it’s something that you can use to your benefit on any of your social media pages.  Simply find some brands that you aren’t competing with with a following around the same size as you and propose the idea.  That way you’ll both be on an even level and can offer each other the same value.

After the two of you have established your partnership, you should both appear in each other’s posts on occasion, and take product photos of each other’s products together.  If you own a restaurant for example, you may want to partner with an ice cream parlor and advertise how well they go together.  Similarly, you could work with a spa and apparel store if you advertise the dating angle.

And that ‘and’ brings me to the next point.  This isn’t just a one and done sort deal, you can build your brand even stronger if you integrate into more and more of your community.  People usually don’t do just one thing every day, they can go through the entire alphabet before getting back home for the night!

It’ll do a lot of good for you, including aiding in the organic growth of your social following, increase your brand affinity through the positive association with the other brands in your area, acts as a travel generator, keeps you relevant, attracts new audiences, is authentic and even free!

Great things are built when people come together, so make one of those things your brand!

For a continued reading on the matter, click here to view Huffington Post’s article in its entirety.


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