6 Things to Know about Social Media


I feel like at this point I’ve listed off more rules than NCIS’ Gibbs, but I’ve got a fresh batch for you this Friday afternoon!

First of all, despite what you’ve been hearing, Google+ actually is important.  While it is true it doesn’t have the thriving audience of some of the other networks, it’s the one that has the highest in searches.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was strictly because of the obvious bias Google would have to it, but it’s important to post on it regularly and use hashtags that are relevant to what you’re doing.  One or two posts a day will do a great job helping customers find your content, and as a result, your business.

Second, building off that, don’t forget to use hashtags in general.  They’re an easy way to categorize your content and keep it all searchable.  Not only that, but they can also be extremely useful industry events and conferences.

Third, make sure that your pages are easy to find.  If it’s in your website keep it in either the header or footer, and if it isn’t, add and then link them.  Have the links on your blog as well, and then have the pages link between each other as well.  Feel free to tell people in person as well, and that you’d like to connect with them.

Forth, don’t worry about scheduling posts, but if you do be sure you’re there to monitor them.  Real time responses can make your brand and are critical to your strategy.

Fifth, timing is important.  As much as you should be aware of what you’re posting, you should be conscious of when you’re doing so.   For Facebook, the most popular time is Wednesday at 3pm, and the time from 1pm to 4pm would be the best to post on other days, as well as at the top of the hour.  For Twitter, key times are Monday-Thursday from 1pm to 3pm, Thursdays being the most important.  LinkedIn is best at noon or between 5pm-6pm, weekdays being best, and finally Google+ works best between 9am and 10am.

Lastly, measure the results of your success and set expectations.  Numbers aren’t everything, what matters more is having quality followers, specifically those who fall into your target demographic.  If you’re drawing in the wrong group, you may need to rethink your strategy.  Similarly, watch for what content is getting engagement as apposed to what isn’t.  If something continually don’t get any results, you may want to scrap it.

Follow these tips, and eventually you’ll find what works best for you!

For a continued reading on the matter, click here for Talkin’ Cloud’s article on the matter.


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