Tips To Incorporate Social Media Into Event Marketing


Social media and events go hand in hand, and they always have.  I still remember back in high-school when the band drove up to Toronto and the elevator at the hotel stopped with about five people from my bus inside.  It was on Twitter immediately and everyone instantly knewIt took a close to an hour for it to start working again and for everyone to get out, and I remember the firemen threatening that next time it happened they’d use the Jaws of Life as soon as they got there.  Beyond that though, it just went to show how well people respond to interesting, new exciting things across social media, especially when they were happening right now.  Half the shows I watch now pop up with little hashtags as it’s airing so fans can talk and be hyped with each other, but this isn’t something that should only be reserved for some sort of misfortune or TV.  You could easily use it to create a stir around your own company event.

First thing’s first though, you really do need to let people know that it’s happening.  If it’s your event exclusively, create a hashtag, or if other people are involved, use theirs.  Be active in the talks of the event and promote that you’ll be there.  On top of that though, make your own company specific hashtag for what you’ll be doing there.  It’ll get you more visible and draw in interest.  Creating a Facebook event page would also be wise, and then share that across the networks.  If you know media people, get then involved as well.  If not, try meeting some, get to know them and even give them some story ideas they could write about about your event.  Video is huge right now, bust out some teasers, and then make sure that you even have a specific page for it on your website.

While it’s actually occurring though, snap plenty of pictures and take some video of what’s occurring, especially of what’s happening near you.  Additionally, because trade shows for example can become extremely busy, be sure to have some tweets and posts scheduled as you may have difficulty finding a free moment to type them up normally.  If you know ‘x’ is going to happen at ‘y’, then that’s definitely one to set up ahead of time!  Furthermore, as long as social media and your event are connected, set up some giveaways and contests, which could drive more people to your booth and even get others to post pictures of what you’re doing on their account.  Lastly, if someone’s especially excited to be there, ask them if it’s okay for a testimonial video!  You can share it across the networks and post it on your site in a great endorsement!

Your discussion shouldn’t be over the moment your even ends either.  Set up some follow ups and make them personal, both with people who reached out to you in person and on social media.  Another thing to do is write up a blog entry about the experience, which would also be a great place to share some of the content you had been gathering throughout it!  Finally, send out a an email to everyone who visited or wanted to, recap and link your blog post and include links to all of your media accounts and encourage them to connect with you there!

Are you planning any company events in the near future?  And if so, what?

For more information on these tips, click here for Marketing Land’s article on the matter.


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