4 Essentials of Video Content Marketing


I’ve touched on video a few times my past couple entries, so the way I see it, I may as well give it its own post entirely!

Just to open up with however, here are a couple statistics.  Demand Metric has recently published a study that shows 70 percent of marketers are currently using videos in their marketing strategies.  On top of that though, 82 percent of them indicate that it’s proven successful.  Personally, I’d say that reward is well worth getting involved!

That being said, if you do plan on integrating video into your current marketing plans, there are some things to be aware of in order to be successful.

First and foremost, identify what your goals are.  What do you aim to accomplish with your video marketing strategy?  Will you be using it to draw attention to your products and services, are you using it as a recruitment tool, or is it simply to make more people aware you exist?  Whichever it is, it’s so important to define these goals because that’s how you’ll be determining if it succeeded or not.  Will this be defined by how many times it’s viewed, or are you more concerned about it being shared?

Second, keep it relevant to your audience.  What’s important to them, and how can you portray that?  If the Super Bowl’s taught us anything, is that you shouldn’t be scared of getting a little creative to reach out to your audience.

Third, be sure you have some sort of call to action.  Ultimately, what do you want your viewers to do after they watch your clip?  This is something that should be both visual and audible, but the absence of it could cause your video to fail regardless of how it was produced.

Finally, no matter where you plan on this video going ultimately, don’t over look your social media.   It’s a great place to share and promote your videos, as well as optimizes.

Video is on the rise and more and more people will be viewing them in the years to come.  Be sure to get in the game while the game’s still young!

For a continued reading on the matter, click here to view Entrepreneur’s article in its entirety.


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