How to Leverage Instagram and Pinterest for Your Business


Typically when you’re reading about social media, it’s about Facebook and Twitter, but I think it’s about time we cover some of the image heavy juggernauts, particularly Pinterst and Instagram.  To begin, your audience is going to want to see activity from you, so be sure to post at least twice on a daily basis to get started, and as you do so, be sure to make use of hashtags for more interaction, which will lead you to more re-pins and comments as they come up better in searches.

Additionally, make sure that you’re commenting and replying in a fitting way for both websites.  Instagram tends to tag names and use hashtags, whereas Pinterst usually includes comments and links.  As you engage with more and more people and grow your audience, be sure you have website links prominent on your profiles, although on Instagram, the link will simply be mere text.

Lastly, make sure you’re connecting with your market.  Both of these offer a great advantage of making it easier to get in touch with your niche market, so make sure you’re engaging with them.  When you follow someone new, be sure to comment and share their posts, as this will help you grow your audience even more.

Although neither of these two aren’t as in the spotlight as a few of the other networks out there, they’re both too important to just pass up on!

For a continued reading on the matter, click here for Small Business Trends article on the matter.


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