7 Ways To Get Your Social Media Audience In A Physical Store


Most often people use social media to funnel traffic to their website, but that isn’t the only option you have.  Your storefront itself, is another viable option, and even though it could go against what you’ve been taught, physically seeing the people that make your company run could do your business some good.  So, if this is an avenue you’d like to consider, here are seven tips to get people to your door.

1) Make your special offers in-store only

Although this one is a given, it’s also one of the most effective.  Simple things like “mention this post and get a second free”, or an image for people to show their cashier for a discount would both do the trick.

2) Host an event

This one is going to depend a lot on your audience, but once you decide on the nature and date of it, start promoting it!  If you have a coffee shop and can get a local band to preform or have an art show, either of those avenues could do you a great deal of good.  If you have more of a professional atmosphere however, having a networking event or entrepreneurial speaker could help you out a bit more.

3) Or, if you can’t host, attend

If your location is too small for this sort of thing, go to someone else’s event.  You can set up a booth at a trade show for instance and set up a hashtag so people can find you.  If there’s a local festival near you, you can also go there and hand out free samples or flyers.  If it has it’s own hashtag, post your own pictures under it at the event to increase your visibility and relevance to get people more likely to swing by your location.

4) Post Pics of your Physical Location

If all you’re doing is posting text, people might stop associating you with a physical medium.  To prevent this, make sure you’re posting real time pictures of your business on a regular basis.  Although they can be professional shots, fun shots that show your customers having a good time are perfect too!

5) Show off your employees as well

As a rule of thumb, people like to see other people.  Post images of your crew having a good time as well, or even have profiles of them on an individual basis rotating.  If you’re comfortable with them, you can have them post for you as well.  The point of this is to show your customers who will be responsible for keeping the business going, which in turn gives your physical location a more welcoming appearance that will lead to increased foot traffic.

6) Encourage people to review you

This one, obviously, is only effective for those who have already visited you, but you can accomplish this in a number of ways.  Making signs to encourage it would be a good place to start, encouraging your visitors to post images and descriptions of their in-person experience, or if you’re doing it online, ask for people to recall their most recent in-store experience.  Don’t forget to respond to the people who post though!

7) Share what your fans have to say

People are much more prone to stick by your side if they feel like you’re listening to them, and this is especially the case when you share or retweet what they have to say.  If someone posts something nice about you, retweet and thank them, which in turn will encourage more feedback from your in-person customers as well as showing that you appreciate the people who come out to your storefront.

All in all, foot traffic is something so worth fighting for because it lends itself to more word-of-mouth reviews and brings a greater number of returning visitors.  By all means you should still try to get people to your website, but adding this strategy as well will bring you a wider, more loyal customer base overall.


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