This Month in Review


Social media can be a handful to get into, and then after you do, everything is always changing.  This has a tendency to make things difficult, but things get easier the more you anticipate the new courses and are aware of what’s occurring around here.

If you haven’t heard yet, here’s what’s been in the works for May.

1) Facebook has changed its algorithm

Specifically, they’ve reworked aspects of their News Feed so that friends are prioritized over pages.

a) People with a lower number of friends weren’t likely to see multiple posts from the same person in a row, but this rule has relaxed.

b) Content posted directly from your friends will appear higher up in the News Feed

c) Things that your friends have liked or commented on now appear lower down, or even not at all, to priorities the people and pages that matter to you

2) Pinterest Posts can now be scheduled with Buffer

To begin, you can read about it in-depth here, but what Buffer does for you is that it grants you the ability to pin from anywhere on the web or upload your own images, create a variety of unique daily pinning schedules and track your repins, likes and comments.

3) You can now search phone numbers on LinkedIn

This helps you find the profiles associated with your contacts, and you can even do an area code search for prospects.

4) LinkedIn shut down their 3rd party API

As of May 12th, their APIs only support these uses:

a) Letting members represent their professional identity using their profile API

b) Posting certifications directly to their profile

c) Sharing professional content to their LinkedIn network

d) Sharing professional content to LinkedIn with their company API

5) Live video streaming enters the fray

Both Periscope and Meerkat have overtaken twitter with their live-streaming and have left a huge impact in their wake.

6) Twitter update now says why Topics are Popular

Every once in a while we hear about a huge blunder a company made by jumping into a topic they know nothing about, but now the Trending Topics on Twitter now offer explanation of what they are, as well as why their up there.

7) Twitter has now implemented Quotes

Basically, these are tweets within tweets and the option shows up when you go to retweet someone.  If you do that, you’ll be granted 116 characters of your own text to go along with the original one.

8) Twitter now allows you to directly message anyone

You no longer have to be someone’s follower or have them follow you to send them a message, and while this can be convenient if you want to reach out to someone privately, it can also be abused by spammers.

9) Facebook adds a Safety Check in Areas of Major Tragedy

What this does, is if Facebook detects you in an affected area, it gives you the option to either mark yourself as safe, or not in the area, and then takes that information to notify your friends list.

10) Twitter rolls out Hightlighs

Highlights are going to look at accounts and conversations that are popular with those you follow, tweets from people you’re tied to, trending topics in your area or within your network, and even trending people who you’re following.  At the moment, it’s only available for Android but it will be coming to Apple.

11) LinkedIn introduces Elevate

At the moment it’s strictly invitation only, but Elevate will offer your employees quick access to what’s being shared by other people within your origination so it can easily be shared with their network, and seeing as on average, employees tend to have 10 times the number of connection as the company page has followers, it could be a game changer.

For a continued reading on the matter, click here to view TopDog Social Media’s article in its entirety.