7 Must-Take Steps For Social Media Marketing Success


I have to admit, I’ve listed off quite a few rules by now, but the truth is that they might not all work if you don’t already have your groundwork laid out.  There are many things you should be doing, but in truth, there are some that you have to as well.  Here are seven of those to get your started.

Point of Differentiation

Just to open, you need to be different that you competition.  What sets you apart from them, what do you do that they don’t, or what are you most proud of?  There has to be something unique to you and your brand otherwise there wouldn’t be much reason to follow you.  Don’t be a carbon copy of someone else.  Are you the safest in your industry?  Play off that!

Point of View Content

This can be anything like a report, ebook or guide that simply shows how you do things.  The reason why this one is so important is simply because it educates those interested in your method, which makes them more likely to trust you and ultimately use your service.

PR Relationships

Media coverage is an extremely credible source to your consumers, so reach out to your local reporters.  Comment and engage with what they’re doing and slowly introduce them to your brand.  Take them out to coffee and make sure to be a resource for them.  If they think you’re interesting, they’d likely want to do a story on you.


If you’ve got skills to show off, do it!  Present seminars, webinars, workshops or anything else that could help people understand or lean your trade.  This’ll introduce you to people who are interested in what you do and will let you interact with them personal, strengthening bonds and solidifying them as a customer.

Online Content Platform

No matter what your main, central content hub is, it needs to be full of education content, articles and how-to information.  Even if it isn’t received well, consistent content creation is easy for search engines to find and index, which in turn can be shared and aid you in rankings.

Marketing Automation

Simply put, landing pages could be critical in your advertising.  Typically, when talking about their products or services, a company will often link a potential customer to their home or products page.  Unfortunately, even though this does give them a way to find the information they’re looking for, it also offers one last chance for them to get distracted and to lose the deal.  Landing pages cut out that last risk and take them directly where they want to be.

Business Objectives

Finally, you need to create a plan, and one that focuses on your business objectives.  Whatever your goals are, they need to be clearly identified so you can begin focusing your efforts.  Another critical thing to have, is understanding of your clients desire and problems so you’ll be able to tackle them on your social media.

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