7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Engagement


If you want to learn about people you need to listen to them, but unfortunately it can be difficult to get your audience to engage with you on social media at times.  Sure, likes and shares are great, but it doesn’t quite give the same insight as a person replying to something you’ve said on your feed, so here are seven ways to boost that up.

The first thing you should do is not just ask questions, but ask them creatively.  While not limiting your answers can give your audience a larger list of possibilities to say, people actually respond better when they have set choices, and respond even better when you have a graphic along side it.

Next, try to come up with unique contests for your followers.  Typically a good route to take is a twist on a photo contest, especially if you use an image heavy network such as Instagram.  TurboTax for example, had a huge turnout when they ran a contest where they had people post a picture with three zeros with the hashtag #absolute0.

Third, you can arrange a Q&A session.  Whatever your industry is, people are likely to have questions for you so it’d be good to give them an opportunity to reach out.  A few examples of how you can do that is simply by hosting a Google Hangout, Twitter chat, or even making a post on Facebook asking if there’s anything anyone would like to know about your product.

Fourth, be sure to tag people in curated content, especially when you’re sharing someone else’s.  Writing your own articles is another great choice, but when you do reference multiple articles and when you post it, tag everyone you mentioned in the post.  Typically when you mention someone in a curated post they’ll comment in one way or another, so it makes sense that the more people tagged the more comments you’ll receive and they’ll be more like, share and tag you back.  Don’t tag people at random however, be sure it has purpose.

In a similar vein to sharing other people’s content, user-generated content is great.  It’s the best way to get people talking about your page, although it can be one of the trickier ways to get them to engage with you.  Make sure your idea has been well thought out before you send it out.  For a good example of how this can turn out well, Starbucks launched a #WhiteCupContest back in 2014, and it did so well they brought it back.

Sixth, connect with an important cause, even if it doesn’t have a direct connection to your brand.  If there’s any cause your company supports, create a campaign or just spread the word on your page.  Your fans are likely to engage with you when you’re being socially responsible.

Next, it’d be a good idea to keep up with current events.  In a lot of ways, social media is today’s water cooler, and the more you know about things people want to discuss, the more inclined they are to listen to you, be it a holiday, event, or even a show.  Additionally, when you’re talking about things your fans are already talking about as well, it helps you engage with them.

What’s been working the best for you?

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